Operation - cyeb


We operate the cost-cutting solutions implemented by us - be it energy purchase, optimizing consumption or the storage of electric energy – continually monitor them as required by the client, and flexibly adapt our operational service to the changes in the company and the macro environment. 


Continuous monitoring and flexible customer service    

For our contractual clients we provide a monthly monitoring service which monitors their consumption and calls attention to arising additional opportunities of saving energy.  Our analysis also includes stock market and exchange rate trends and regulatory changes in the industry. Our billing system is fully adaptable at any time to the changing needs of the individual companies. Statements may be requested from our data warehouse according to individual client needs, and these will be presented at short notice by our qualified data miners.


Expert operation of planned and executed installations  

In the case of energy installations designed and implemented by us we are ready to provide for their professional operation on the basis of a service level agreement. When drawing up the SLA special attention is paid to the precise definition of the quality and content of the service requested by the client, as well as to its measurability and predictability. 
Several of our clients have chosen our service in the framework of the so called ESCO business model, in case of which we undertake to design, execute and operate on the long run the new system involved in the reconstruction on our own expenses. 


Optimal operation of installed storage capacity is ensured by our full range expert operational service

The operation of the installed energy storage systems requires excellent performance of systems engineering and professional engineering tasks and high level availability. These competences are fulfilled partly by our local experts and partly by our operating partners providing higher level of support for our clients. The long-term contracts for the operation and maintenance of the systems includes a detailed description of the allocation of tasks and responsibilities between client and service provider, ensures proper operation of the systems and thus the satisfaction of the client.